Ceiling & Cornice installation(All types). Paintwork. Crack repairs. Roof sealing. Tiling. Woodwork. General maintenance. Professional Landscaping.

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We also strive to create job opportunities for the community in our difficult living expenses.


Our vision is to provide quality, high standard and professional service to all our clients.


Magna and Sons Achievements can be viewed on Our Work page and many Testimonies can also be viewed

Magna and Sons Overview

This company is developed to serve as a growing partner to insurance companies and the government works for excellent service and trust. With 8 years of experience, we have a team of professional, self-driven and highly motivated people. The team comprises of hand-picked individuals that are experienced in various principles across the industry. Their values are based on respect, fairness, and integrity. The company continues to develop its skill to become a successful BEE construction and supply company. We are also proud to say that Magna and Sons have an excellent rating for jobs done on workmanship.

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Learn more About Us and what we do and for what we strife. Learn to know the company

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PVC Installation

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SPC Flooring

Go read more about how we do our SPC Flooring.

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